Character Areas

Neighbourhood Marker

The Hindes Road/Station Road corner will be the landmark element of the scheme, with a new flagship Tesco supermarket fronting Station Road.  The store will occupy the first floor level with parking below. New homes will sit above this in a building ranging from 7 to 15 storeys.   This part of the scheme will provide a neighbourhood marker and signify the entrance to the new development.

Central Plaza

The tallest element of the scheme will be concentrated at the centre of the site to minimise impact on neighbouring properties. A new central street will enable a route through to the high street from Hindes Road and the new Tesco surface car park.

Hindes Road: Street Activation

A new smaller commercial unit will be located on Hindes Road adjacent to one of the new residential entrances. This will increase footfall around the site and activate the area compared to the current situation.

High Mead: Neighbourhood Streets

The properties facing High Mead will be low-rise to complement the neighbouring properties. Front doors will open onto the street which will enhance the neighbourhood character.